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Many people in the mlm industry quit within the first few months.

The reason: lack of results.

MLM business has certain operating costs. If one is not able to create an income anywhere close to the break even point within the first 6 months , they quit.

And mind you most of the people do not make any kind of profits in this business in the first few months and hence they simply quit.

This problem can be solved by using an mlm funded proposal.

A funded proposal helps in two ways. It helps in creating immediate cashflow and it helps in qualifying the prospect.

There is a method for using this strategy to recruit people.

The step one consists of lead generation. Now with the advent of the internet, lead generation has become far more easier. There are a lot of people who are looking for what we have to offer. Mastering the right skills and putting in the right strategy in place can pay off big dividends. So basically one can use various internet marketing strategies like article marketing, blogging, pay per click, banner ads , solo ads, etc to generate a consistent supply of leads.

Step two consists of follow up. The basic idea is to set up an online newsletter follow up mechanism wherein the leads get the follow up messages in the form of email. The follow up messages is designed to get the leads to purchase the funded proposal which is essentially a low cost product which solves a particular problem of its target market.

Step three consists of interaction with the purchasers of the low cost product. The people who purchase the funded proposal are looked upon as more qualified and likely to buy the back end product (which in our case is the business opportunity) than those who don’t.

Step four consists of recruiting and training. When a person filters out the uninterested people, he is left with people who are interested in what he has to offer. The interactions are much more meaningful. The conversion rates are much higher. So one gets to recruit high quality people into their business which is what everyone needs in the first place.

You see, creating a system incorporating the concept of funded proposal marketing has some distinct advantages. The biggest advantage is the opportunity to create exponential business growth. Selling a low cost product offsets the marketing costs while creating a profit. It also qualifies the prospects. Now the sale of the back end offer is far more easier. Now the money generated is reinvested back which means there is now a bigger advertising budget to attract more leads, get more cash from the sale of the low end product , recruit more people and reinvest a bigger chunk back into the business.

This isn’t some wild theory. This is how certain marketers make huge loads of profits while creating massive teams in their network marketing business.

Learn how to use the power of funded proposal marketing to your advantage and you too will see some wild growth in your business. Invest in your skills, master them, implement them and watch your income soar.

Learn more about the funding proposal concept by reading this funded proposal marketing system article.

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